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Computers in offices have come a long way.

In the business world, the use of computers has been prevalent since the 80's when every office around the world was using computers to overcome mundane tasks like data entry and record keeping.

However, computers in offices have been around since as early as the 50's and became extremely popular in the U.S. when the TRS-80 arrived exclusively at Radio Shack in the 70's.

Skip a few decades and Windows was the computer of choice for any office, and rightfully so. They simply offered a lot more in terms of productivity and ease of use. Their Microsoft Office suite has been a staple of office work for as long as it has been around.

Unfortunately, even after over two decades, most dealerships still use Microsoft Office tools as they did all that time ago. They use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint like nothing has changed over the decades, when in fact, they are very different today in their capabilities.

The New Microsoft 365 Suite Is a Powerhouse

The new Microsoft 365 suite has all the things that dealerships need and more. It offers features unlike ever before and these are not incremental changes but rather, monumental improvements. At the turn of the decade, they were even quick to offer features that serve well during the pandemic.

Today, they are packed with features to overcome almost any obstacle, yet most teams do not know or use these features. Word is one such feature-packed tool that flies under the radar of most dealers because many do not realize its potential power.

Real-Time Collaboration in Word

Microsoft 365 has made real-time collaboration as easy as can be. Take Word for example, you can now collaborate on any Word document with anyone around the world in real-time. In our modern world of remote working, this feature is a true blessing.

Despite the feature's need in current times, most people do not use it because they are unaware of it and how to use it.

How It Works

If your Word document is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint, you can turn on the auto save function and prime that document to be worked on by anyone, anywhere at any time. You can then make it possible to do real-time collaborations by following these steps:

  • Open your document
  • Click on the share icon in the upper right corner
  • Add the email addresses of people you want to collaborate with
  • Start co-authoring in Word

It really is that simple, you can now collaborate on the Word document with anyone around the world in real-time. Just think of the time and energy you save on the back and forth of documents, emails and comments when collaborating with someone far away from you (or perhaps just in a different branch office).

What We Do

This is just one of the many features in Microsoft 365 suite that makes office work easier and simplified for our modern needs. You can learn many others and the various benefits of Microsoft 365 by letting us help you get the most out of a software that you already own.

We can show you features and tools in Microsoft 365 that you may have never heard of and are unaware of their time and resource saving benefits.

Make the most of your Microsoft 365 suite and get in touch with us today for greater productivity and savings.

Kevin Landers

Written by

Kevin possesses the unique ability to understand, and explain in non-threatening and non-technical ways how technology, business and team members work with, and sometimes, against each other. He has an innate ability to understand how technology works at the basic conceptual level and how it interacts with hardware, software, networking, people and business processes. A rare combination in today's technology arena.

Kevin lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his bride Summer, their son Caleb and their Vizsla wonder dog Dexter.