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Cybersecurity is faced with newer, more difficult threats every day.

Recent years have seen a huge surge in cyber attacks on businesses, and many of these businesses are from the machinery and equipment dealership sector. Such sectors are highly attractive to cybercriminals and hackers because they find them to be quite lucrative.

It is estimated that every 19 seconds, a business gets successfully attacks by cybercriminals or hackers, and this statistic is only getting worse every year.

Cyber attacks like ransomware, phishing, and social engineering are among the most common threats faced by dealerships. These cyber attacks are all capable of crippling even the strongest of dealerships.

Cybersecurity for Protection

Many dealerships utilize cybersecurity technologies in their infrastructures to protect them against cyber attacks. Enforcing this protective measure is an absolute necessity because cybercriminals prey on companies with weak IT systems and cybersecurity.

Having the right software, hardware, and network security for your IT systems is the best way to protect your dealership. However, many businesses with ample cybersecurity still get breached and attacked by cybercriminals.

This issue leads us to the question, “why?” We know they prefer weak systems, and if dealerships have strong cybersecurity, why are they getting attacked? The simple answer to this is people. Your team members are a big part of your company‘s cybersecurity.

Did You Know Your Team Is the Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity?

You can have the best cybersecurity in the world but, it will not be effective if your team is negligent. Research and studies have shown that people are the weakest link of cybersecurity systems. It only takes one person to click on one bad link in a compromised email and the system fails.

An untrained team, or staff, is the biggest threat to the cybersecurity of your dealership and they are its weakest link. They can easily become victims of phishing scams and social engineering, passing out crucial cybersecurity information unknowingly to disguised cybercriminals or hackers.

Training them is vital to prevent such things from happening and to strengthen the cybersecurity defenses of your dealership.

Training Your Team for Cybersecurity

Your team needs to understand the dangers of cyber attacks and be vigilant in their practices. They must be trained about the dangers of weak passwords and to look out for things like suspicious links and phishing emails.

They need to learn about identity theft and how they can refrain from giving out important information to disguised cybercriminals. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of things they can easily be trained for.

Training your team is a must if you want to ensure a strong defense against cyber attacks and maintain the integrity of your dealership’s cybersecurity. Please get in touch with us today, so we can talk cybersecurity and training for your team.

Kevin Landers

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Kevin possesses the unique ability to understand, and explain in non-threatening and non-technical ways how technology, business and team members work with, and sometimes, against each other. He has an innate ability to understand how technology works at the basic conceptual level and how it interacts with hardware, software, networking, people and business processes. A rare combination in today's technology arena.

Kevin lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his bride Summer, their son Caleb and their Vizsla wonder dog Dexter.