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An estimated 50% of businesses do not back up their valuable data properly. Yet those businesses that lose all of their data, do not last more than a year.

If this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, that is because it is. So...

Why Back Up Data?

The main reason for backing up data is simple; you want to keep your business's data protected in a safe place without having to worry about ever losing it. Backups help prevent data loss in case of accidents, theft, hacks, negligence, floods, fires or other natural disasters and many other occurrences.

They are also useful to your dealership because if you ever lose data, you can rely on your backup to maintain trust among clients, staff, shareholders and investors, preventing your business from losing value and eventually shutting down.

Here are some lesser known reasons to back up and protect your data:

1.      Investors and Shareholders

Backing-up data can save information about your dealership. This will later save time while making annual reports for shareholders and allow them and investors to easily evaluate your business and make informed decisions.

2.      Clients and Customers

Backing-up client and customer information can build trust and reliability of your dealership. It can also progress relationships by improving management of clients.

3.      Archiving

Backing-up data will help you develop an archive over time that acts as a history for your dealership. It will also help you compare past and present data to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

4.      Ransomware

Backing-up your sensitive information will help you save money and downtime in an event of any kind of ransomware threats to your local data.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malware (malicious software) that hackers or cybercriminals deploy on your business's sensitive data to prevent your access to it. The malware then asks for ransom money, mostly in the form of cryptocurrency, to be transferred to the hackers in order to provide you with an encryption key to unlock your data.

How Can You Protect Your Data?

To protect your data from these ransomware threats and other unfortunate instances requires a solid, constant, and verified backup of your data which is stored offsite on multiple servers that are disconnected from public networks.

It is like an insurance policy for your dealership's data. The inherent nature of data loss and the rising cybercrime around the world will have you needing to restore something from your backup at some point in the future.

Which makes a reliable data backup the type of insurance your business WILL claim on at some point.


Business data is arguably the number one asset of any dealership and therefore requires the utmost care and security.

Reliable and robust backup systems will help you eliminate any chance occurrences that compromise your dealership and its data. It will act as an insurance policy that also protects your data in the case of any cyber attacks that threaten your sensitive information.

If you want to learn more about data security and backups, please get in touch with us today.

Kevin Landers

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Kevin possesses the unique ability to understand, and explain in non-threatening and non-technical ways how technology, business and team members work with, and sometimes, against each other. He has an innate ability to understand how technology works at the basic conceptual level and how it interacts with hardware, software, networking, people and business processes. A rare combination in today's technology arena.

Kevin lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his bride Summer, their son Caleb and their Vizsla wonder dog Dexter.